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zero knowledge Mail

9437477 shared this question 21 months ago
Need Answer


I would like to know if my stored mails are encrypted on the servers of MailBox.org by default.

If administrators of Mailbox can read my mails if I do not use the option "encrypt".

In fact, if Mailbox is "zero knowledge".

There is a lot of information on the transfer (SSL, TLS etc ...) but nothing on storage.

thank you in advance

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I don't think it's possible. Since you can check your email VIA IMAP on your client of choice, there is no way to store the email with zero knowledge. This is why ProtonMail and Tutanota, etc don't allow IMAP connections and require you to use their app.

I am in the middle of a trial with Mailbox right now and honestly, not sure if this is a dealbreaker or not. Hoping you get a better reply soon.


Thank you very much.

It's very interesting. Yes, ProtonMail and Tutanota do it, but they add the end-to-end and the client side encryption.The problem is that imap doesn't work. Now protonmail has a bridge. and it's a very good news, but they are very expensive.

But It's possible to store just the mail cryted with the end-to-end, and by consequence have the imap available.

For example, Mailden crypts all your mail on their server and can't read them. just your password is the passphrase. It's not very complicated.

Just very safe, because a hacker can't read your mail on their server, and you are sure that your mail willn't read by the advertiser, or collect for sell.


From what I understood, by default your email bodies are encrypted on the server using Guard. Email subjects, From and To fields are NOT encrypted.