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Support for flags like Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook

Proposed 9415029 E-mail: Setup Comments: 1 Reply 21 days ago by Marco
6 votes

Change sender address of calendar invites

Need Answer SomeBdyElse 21 days ago Calendar No Comments
1 vote

Post-It Widget Request

Proposed 2343214 22 days ago General information No Comments
1 vote

Problem with Transport Server

Proposed 5467436 E-mail: Setup Comments: 1 Reply 24 days ago by 9671856
1 vote

Anti-spoofing for Custom Domains (SPF, DKIM & DMARC)

Need Answer 2153638 Password and Security Comments: 13 Reply 25 days ago by A4
19 votes

Permanent Vacation Note

Proposed 5929488 26 days ago E-mail: Setup No Comments
2 votes

Imap / Encryption Confusion?

Need Answer 3114416 28 days ago Encryption No Comments
1 vote

Can't stay logged in with 2FA

Published 9876502 Password and Security Comments: 4 Reply 29 days ago by 7265611
1 vote
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