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Group into conversations view when searching

5364184 shared this question 2 years ago
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Mailbox.org, like almost any other email provider in 2022, supports grouping emails into conversations. This can be achieved by clicking the sort button and then selecting "Conversations". So far ok.

However, when searching for emails, this options goes away! How I can I view emails as conversations when searching for them? Without this, the conversation view is really beyond useless...

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I would not say it is useless. But it would be a nice feature, to have that view even in the search.

And thx, by the way: only because of this post I found this feature. It was very well hidden. Maybe put it somewhere else?


I would agree - why is the conversations option not a permanent feature as it is with other email providers. It's annoying to have to keep choosing this option every time you click on a folder to view the emails.

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