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Welcome to the mailbox.org help section and forum!

The knowledge base is the first reference for anyone who wants to know more about common components and features of our e-mail product. Our support team has compiled a large stock of useful pages, containing general information, jargon busters, background information, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The user forum is where mailbox.org users can help each other. If you come across some issue, check the forum to see if others have had the same problem in the past. Here, users can also post their questions publicly or help others with answers. To post messages, users are required to log on first, using their mailbox.org e-mail address and password. 

Note that the name shown in public forum entries can be edited at any time, though. Any user registering for the forum agrees to the corresponding conditions of use.

With a corresponding tariff you can contact our technical support via our portal. The login requires your e-mail address and password.

By the way - an overview of upcoming features of mailbox.org as well as news can be found on our "Blog".

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