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Sharing Tasks Over DAV Workaround

5798495 shared this problem 2 years ago

I've tested this on Evolution (Linux) and DAVx⁵ (Android). Whenever you share a Tasks folder with your own Team member, it won't show up in their DAV list no matter what setting they try to adjust on the mailbox.org side. In order for them to access it with their DAV client, they will need help from the person that originally created it.

The person that created it needs to have their own DAV client. I'll use DAVx⁵ in this example:

If you haven't already, install DAVx⁵ (https://www.davx5.com/) and sign in with your mailbox.org account.

Go to CALDAV for your account and tap the menu to the right of the Tasks folder you're trying to share.

Select Properties.

There you will find the URL of the Tasks folder (should be something like https://dav.mailbox.org/caldav/XXXX/ with the XXXX being the unique string for your folder)

Now that person needs to share that URL with the other users trying to access it. The rest of the instructions are for the users trying to access the shared Tasks:

If you haven't already, install DAVx⁵ (https://www.davx5.com/) and sign in with your mailbox.org account.

Now, add another account with the + icon at the bottom right of the main screen.

Select "Login with URL and user name".

Enter the URL shared to you by original user (https://dav.mailbox.org/caldav/XXXX/) along with your mailbox.org User name and password.

When selecting what the subscribe to in the new DAVx⁵, only subscribe to the shared Tasks folder. Everything else you should subscribe to in your main account on DAVx⁵ to prevent conflicts.

Now you're good to go! Evolution can also directly subscribe using the same URL and credentials

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Thanks a lot for instructions! We tried this on iOS but it doesn't work. On Android, we got this to work with DAVx5 and OpenTasks but the app is a bit bare-bones. It doesn't seem that DAVx5 can sync tasks to Samsung Calendar. Which app do you use to manage your tasks?

Some potentially good news: I contacted the support regarding this problem and they said they would open a bug ticket with OX, so hopefully we won't need the workaround in the future. Fingers crossed!


I followed the instructions but I could not get this to work with two Android phones and DAVx5. The Tasks folder appears only on the account that originally created it.


Unfortunately, it seems it stopped working at some point...

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