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2FA for Business

Marco.heinemann@useblocks.com shared this idea 14 days ago


it looks like mailbox.org does not support 2FA / MFA for business. At least there are no options in setup.mailbox.org or in the user mailbox settings.

If that's true, when will this be available? It's pretty much a deciding factor for me.

In that regard, it would also be quite relevant to support app specific passwords for caldav/carddav/imap clients.

Thanks, Marco

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Thank you very much for your inquiry. The integration of 2FA for our private customers has been an integral part of our services for several years.

Since additional security is equally vital for our business customers, we are going a step further and would like to make use of the latest technologies and additional layers of security in the near future.

Your mailbox.org team

We are already working on this feature. Unfortunately I can't give you a fixed date for the implementation as of right now.


Are you working on 2FA AND app specific passwords as mentioned what Marco asks.

Or do you only mean 2FA? Really looking forward to app-specific passwords within mailbox.org

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