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UI question

2236514 shared this question 9 months ago
Need Answer

As there is no roadmap available i wanted to know if there is any new UI planned any time soon?

The current UI is so outdated, reminds me the good old times of Internet Explorer 6, so it is just not nice to use.

Can we get something user friendly and that is at least closer to Proton, Gmail or even Outlook?

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People have been asking for several years now and every once and awhile Peer the CEO comes in and says his life is hard. It's not going to happen while the EU keeps giving them free money grants to develop things no one wants like their video conference solution. Personal users are just cream on top of the butter of their business clients. You shouldn't expect anything from this webmail provider. I would suggest looking at alternatives, Tutanota and Proton are more consumer focused with their development plans.

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