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A contact does not receive my email - however, I receive email from contact

monteverdi shared this question 7 months ago
Need Answer


A contact does not receive my email from my mailbox.org. However, I receive email from the same contact. My contact checked his spam filter and did not find an email form me in spam filter.

I ma getting no errors

What could be going on?

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bump. Any pointers on how to resolve this are appreciated.


I do not receive emails from medical platform (mychart.org)

I was able to talk to the IT support of my medical provider running mychart. They are telling me the emails do leave. But I never receive. I have no server or client side spam filter

I don't even know how to troubleshoot. With basic subscription tier I get no support from mailbox.org. mychart.org IT is telling me the issue is not on their side as emails are leaving.

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