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Unable to Login After Applying 2FA

Galin shared this problem 7 months ago

Hi! New to mailbox, trying out the account. I was able to successfully create the account and password and login and logout several times without any issue. Everything is saved in my password manager and working just fine.

I added a PIN and TOTP (successfully tested), saved and logged out. Now I am no longer able to login. I get a "Wrong username or password? Used full e-mail address?" message even though everything is correct. I am not prompted for the new TOTP code; however, I am assuming this would appear after my login/password was accepted.

What's odd is I can use the same credentials here on the forum, just not on the email login page.

Any suggestions ?

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Update and Solved. I was able to successfully login after modifying my uBO settings and ensuring I used PIN+TOTP in the webmail logon page.

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