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Can I retrieve an expired account?

miller shared this problem 49 days ago

I'd like to retrieve or re-register an expired mailbox email and pay the subscription. When I try to register again with the username it says the account already exists.

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Yes, it is a flaw for their part, although their intention is good (that that account is not use in your name, but screws those of us that try to become subscribers). That account you have created probably won't be back to be available for 365 days. It is Mailbox.org policy with aliases that are abandoned too.

Now, while aliases are understandable, to be left in limbo for 365 days, the same should not be applied for trial accounts since these are... trial, never intended to be actually used meaningfully. Or better yet, allow the original owner access the trial account (although disabled for sending or receiving) and he/she been able to reactivate to a paying account from within before the account vanishes after that 365 days. It is silly that the password does not work and many that wanted to become paying subscribers have to choose another account and have to let our favorite one for someone else.

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