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Sync with evolution

Do shared this problem 20 days ago


Sync with evolution is not working for contact and calendar, I followed the page "CalDAV and CardDAV for Evolution" in the knowledge database without succes.

There is no error, on both contact and calendar, it seems to be connected to server.

(Calendar and contact work well with iphone by webdav.)

Thanks for your help

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For those who have troubles with evolution, I switch to thunderbird and all is working perfectly, mal, calendar and contacts.

To add the gnome integration, you have to install the addon "EDS Calendar Integration".


I do not have any issues syncing my email, calendar, or contacts to Evolution. Works perfectly fine on 3 devices.

The instructions to sync calendar to Evolution seems to be wrong though. Contacts instruction is fine.

I followed these directions, where you have to right click the calendar to pull the URL to input into Evolution:

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