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Not getting Epic Games Store 2FA emails on attempted login; worried they're being spam-filtered

Alyssa Riceman shared this problem 17 days ago

Last month, I switched my Epic Games Store account email address to a personal-domain address with Mailbox running the backend. Last week, my login session expired and I was asked to log in again for the first time since then. I tried logging in; they claimed they'd emailed me a numeric code to confirm the login; no code arrived. This repeated over the course of more than a dozen subsequent attempts over the next several days. I'm somewhat worried that those emails have somehow run afoul of Mailbox's spam-filtration-list, such that they're not hitting my inbox despite their legitimacy; but disabling the SMTP plausibility check as recommended in the docs didn't help them to arrive.

So I'm not sure what's going on; but it seems worrying, and evidence suggests that it's pretty specifically a "mail to my address from Epic isn't getting there" problem, not a broader "Epic's email systems are broken / overloaded" problem, so this seems like the place to ask about it. Are there in fact any known issues of this sort, or obvious plausible hypotheses-which-have-failed-to-occur-to-me regarding what might be going wrong with the emails' delivery?

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You are not the only one.

I made similar observations. In my case it wasn't the Epic Game Store but Mozilla Community. I switched of spam filter as far as possible. But it didn't change anything.

Support was saying it is normal mail server behavior, not a spam filter issue, no need to change anything. Well, I left mailbox.org.


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