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3 very simple things you could do to improve mailbox.org a lot

drdarkmode shared this idea 4 months ago

trust me, users want this:

- enable proper dark/black theme implementation.. (it's 2020 for christ sake people need this!!, also it's not to late to use it for marketing :D)

- remove google captcha (never too late to use that one for marketing)

- enable users the more commonly used 2fa implementation where users can choose their own password instead of a 6 digit pin (and make them verify the 2FA token before it gets activated!)

that's what i've observed

i love your service and your domain name and hope your business has a stable future! But please listen to me all of this is really needed at this point

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- Dark theme, i totally agree but it's not a must (there are other more important stuff)

- Google captcha... in a user perspective it's understandable, but in a dev perspective the google captcha is one of it's kind and there is almost no alternative as efficient as google captcha... now the good thing is that google captcha is only needed to register not to login so i guess it's just a plus for non aware pple about the captcha dev stuff... on the other hand registering process could be hardened with different solutions like sms/donation/phone-call/etc but this will require a lot of dev time that can be invested in more important stuff. (like encrypted authentication over imap/smtp or better encryption for inbox like subject encryption support or custom mobile app or other security features...)

- 2fa : totally agree, the CEO had confirmed that a secondary password will be implemented later on.


wonder if ANY of this will EVER happen